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1988 -Born


kindergarten - 1991

Picks up the recorder (flute) at the age of 4. Was taught music notation and playing the recorder by a nun from a convent who was my very first teacher. 


1995 -Music school

Joins the conservatoire nationale de musique Francois Mitterrand learning recorder (flute), basics of music theory and joins the children's choir.

drum Era - 2000

While in high school, Gary Mach chooses to learn drums. As a new drummer, he joins his first band at school. A rock cover band called "The Unknowns", where they scored a few gigs in different institutions around the island.


2001 -orchestra

Joins the orchestra of the conservatoire nationale de musique Francois Mitterrand as percussionist and main drummer. He also joined the adult's choir around the same time for the next 6 years.

l8 comers - 2005

Joins a project band called "Mélanie and the Late comers for a music competition organised by IBL. The band was chosen for finals and WON the first place.


2006 -Graduation

Gratuates from College de La Confiance as a free spirit.

School over = more drumming.

Same year, ABRSM Grade 5 Percussion & drums PASSED.

skeptikal - 2006

Drummer for "SKEPTIKAL", a Mauritian rock band, from Dec 2006 to March 2010. Had an amazing rock adventure.


Drummer and vocalist on his very first album which was recorded with "Mélanie and the late comers". After being the winner of the IBL competition in 2005, the band won an album production fully sponsored by IBL.

They had the golden chance to compose and record their own songs.


Versatile - 2008

Lead singer for the band "Versatile", a Mauritian indie rock band formed by music students sharing the same passion for music. They did their last live in August 2008.



Feelings can be heard

Inspired by electronic music around year 2006 - 2007, Gary Mach composed and produced some electronic tracks.  The project was called "Sickrets - Feelings can be heard" which was completed in 2009.

universe city - 2010

Joins a University in Malaysia to learn Music and Audio Technology and to be specialised in digital music production. It was a 3 good years of experimentation in the audio universe.

2011 -offroads

During his journey in Malaysia, Gary Mach joins a band called" OFFROADS" for 3 amazing years, making music and touring around the country.