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DJ Drummer/Producer/Electronic Music

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

With the digital era we are living in, I have been working on blending traditional culture, instruments, music grooves with the digital instruments and styles of performing music today, especially from where I come from, Mauritius island. I spend days working on different types of music and how they can

impact cultures. I have worked on a few projects and presented them in such a way where the crowd, listeners can experience the track from the making of, to the final mix.

One of them can be found on KOZE FAMI A track based on the Terner grooves we Mauritians have as a native groove/beats through our sega music.

We are the future! What are your thoughts on the evolution of digital music and the future of live music performance in the coming months (Mauritius or worldwide)? What are the questions you have regarding this topic? SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS!





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