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What is patronage?

Patronage is a way that allows people, more often fans or friends or angel investors to financially support and reward content creators — such as artists, musicians, content creators — through a monthly subscription for monthly content or per project. Creators can set up multiple membership plans with various rewards so each subscriber can choose the amount of money they feel most comfortable giving to a project. Therefore this gives a boost to the artist and helps him financially to be more productive and not rely on 3rd party financial support to release but gets supports straight from his fans and followers or simply those who cannot wait to see the final form of the ART being created. This helps us to bear the production costs, studio costs and many more. We thank you a million times for your support and boost into helping and making dreams come true and fully alive.

Why be a patron?

As a Mauritian artist, it has been very tough for me to find funding to produce my music and upgrade my music equipment and I have a few music projects that am quite sure people who understand music and are passionate about culture will love. I have been working on the future of Mauritian music (NOT MAINSTREAM MUSIC - pa sega) for a few years now and am planning to take a step forward into bringing that evolution soon. All of this is interpreted through an amazing website to make you enjoy a unique experience. With your help I will be able to get proper equipment, speed up the work and deliver my projects a bit faster and provide you with a different kind of artistic entertainment.

What is offered?

There are 3 membership plans which you can choose from to become my patron. In return you will receive exclusive access to my new releases, shows and streams for however long you intend to stay a patron all of which will be mentioned in each plan propsed.

Your help will certainly boost my productivity and creativity level and also relieve me from additional costs required in music production. 


Thanks a million in advance for your contribution in making my dreams come true as well as keeping my music alive.

How can you help?

You can visit my projects page and find all the projects I am working on. Each projects have their own details attached and demos you can listen to. Some projects require that you become a site member for you to access the page. This is done to make sure that ONLY true fans and supporters are involved and it is also to protect the artist and the huge work being done just for you. This also keeps the authenticity of the project and makes you a priviledged member where you are granted special gifts such as discounts on merch, unreleased tracks and much more. So, if a project pleases you, feel free to contribute. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure that when you contribute to put as reference which project you are supporting or if you are making a one time donation as this will help keep track for financial purposes. You can also take a snapshot of the donation and forward me on my website in contacts so I can include you in my album credits, send you a FREE copy on release and also grant you all the benefits of being a contributor listed below.

What you get as a contributor

Samaritan Plan

Contribute €2/$2
- FREE access to 10 of my produced tracks - (some unreleased)

Angel Plan

Contribute €6/$6
- FREE access to 15 of my produced tracks - (some unreleased)
- 15% discount on my merchandise in the shop page

Almighty Plan

Contribute €10/$10 & above
- FREE access to 25 of my produced tracks - (some unreleased)
- 15% discount on my merchandise found in the shop page
-A FREE album on release
- Your name in the credits when the album is released
- Be the first to know when I am going live and get tickets before anyone else!

I hope this sounds like a good deal to you.






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